Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another music card :)

If you haven't noticed by now, just about everyone in my husband's family are musicians, and all of his siblings' birthdays are in the fall.  His brother Emilio plays sax, but I couldn't find a sax on any Cricut carts (They really need to make an all music cart.), so I used the Treble Clef sign from Curisve 101 to make this card.  I just got a Gypsy 2 days ago, so I am pretty proud of myself for making a card with it already!  I used 2 of the image with the "shadow blackout" feature selected.  I had to use "hide contour" to get rid of the paintbrush that also came with this image.  Then I flipped one of the images, put them back to back and welded them together.  I cut out another, regular version of the image in black with no features selected.  This card doesn't have a lot of room to write inside, but it could be used for just about anything--"Just a note," "A note of thanks," etc...

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